Language is the best means of communication. For communication with impact our college has well equipped language lab. The students make practice of speaking the correct language with the help of language lab.


College offers a well maintained and furnished ICT lab to facilitate various groups of students. The laboratory has 50 systems with suitable configuration having internet facility which are handled by experienced computer assistant and faculty members.

Educational Technology Lab

  • Camera(Digital)
  • Handy cam
  • L.C.D. Projector
  • O.H.P. with screen
  • Epidiascope
  • Slide projector
  • Coloured T.V.
  • V.C.D. player
  • Tape Recorder


The psychology laboratory is essential to maintain the quality and standard o f the teachers training program at any level. The college has well equipped psychology laboratory with a large number of apparatus and tests on various aspects of psychology such a child's socio-economic, intellectual, personality and behaviour dimensions. Knowledge of these psychological aspects is imperative to understand the need of a child- centered curriculum and modalities of its transaction. The trainees learn various components of child psychology through various psychological tests which help to understand their student better.


The College has well equipped laboratories of Science and Mathematics where students can carry equipments and can do demonstrations.